A Deeper Look Into What Are The Components Of Laminate Wood Flooring

The laminate wood flooring is made of four layers. Here are the details or you can also check from https://wood2u.co.uk/ :

1. The balancing layer: this is the bottom most layer which is used as a stabilizing layer. It is a tough one and acts as a defense against moisture. This layer is important as, if this one swells up then you have lost your entire flooring.

2. The core layer: this layer is made of superior quality fiberboard and acts as a water resistant.

3. The pattern layer: this layer like its name suggests gives the flooring the real wooden textured look. Choosing a pattern layer is important as this is how the flooring would finally look.

4. The wear layer: this layer is a sheer melamine resin sheet that protects the flooring from getting scratched and stained.