Audio Receiver – The Heart Of A Car Stereo

We talk so much about the Car Stereos and audio systems. But how and from where do they receive signals? How are they connected to the frequencies? An Audio receiver is one that helps your car`s stereos and audio stations to play the songs for you. It is considered the heart and brain of a car`s audio system. [FR] Your choice of audio systems and devices depend on the audio receiver and hence you are not choosing a system but an audio receiver to make you dashboard look dashing. So it is important to pick and choose the right one for your hi-end model to make it even more sophisticated.

AM – Amplitude Modulation

Reaching homes with the world news was made possible first by this AM (Amplitude Modulation). During World War 1 AM mode of communication was most prevalent Player-Top®. People got to hear news from all around the world, sitting in their homes.

News about happenings around the world, music was played; instruments were made audible, all through this device. People started to feel connected.

The technology dates back to 1920. All credit goes to Fessenden, who first realized and researched on transmitters for producing radio waves. Fessenden was involved in researching

and bringing out the first AM public broadcast on the Christmas eve in 1906. This was the birth of technologies and inventions in broadcasting.

Later, because of the disturbed messages heard on newly found AM, Lee invented Audion vacuum tube. This modified the waves to form an AM transmitter. This new invention was introduced in cars in 1930, as it was the only mode of communication among people Travelers got to hear news about military, sports, music and other different segments. It was a complete package of entertainment for those lonely souls. This phase until the invention of FM is regarded as the “Golden age of Radio”.